Temperature critical pharmaceutical packaging customer awards replacement boiler contract to Ellesmere Group

26th June 2019

Ellesmere Group has supported our pharmaceutical packaging customer with boiler maintenance services for over 20 years. As their equipment was coming to the end of its life cycle, they required a full boiler replacement.

Our customers facility is temperature critical and the system must be maintained with a flow temperature of 80 degrees, 24 hours a day. Ellesmere was commissioned to carry out the installation of a new system using high efficiency, fully modulating Hamworthy Wessex Modumax MK3 boilers.

We installed a temporary package boiler plant room, whilst we carried out the change over from the existing equipment. We then stripped down and removed the existing cast-iron boilers and associated pipework, removing it from site for recycling. We successfully completed the installation of the new boilers, within budget and on time, with no interference to the packaging processes at the facility.

Our customers gas usage after just one month was down by 50{0a29a62f09d5c2728afe0de6873b75e5a76c9056e07e52a34f9bccd49a40d94c}, and was almost 60{0a29a62f09d5c2728afe0de6873b75e5a76c9056e07e52a34f9bccd49a40d94c} lower than the same period the previous year. Alongside these impressive savings, our customer has also significantly reduced their Carbon emissions. With facilities operating worldwide, they are now looking to roll out a boiler replacement programme across the group.

“We are extremely happy with the new boiler system. The installation process was carried out without disruption to our site and we have achieved some significant savings since.”


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