Improved energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions for NHS Foundation Trust


Low Temperature Hot Water Distribution (LTHW) Mains & Plant-Room Upgrades for Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides accident and emergency services and a wide range of acute and non-acute specialities across Northern Liverpool. The hospital has been relying on ageing and inefficient steam-powered systems to provide critical heating and hot water services.


Ellesmere has been commissioned by ENGIE to remove the old steam boilers, hotwells, pipework and ancillaries. Asbestos was found in the boiler room, which had to be thoroughly cleaned, delaying the works by several months. Once the clearance certificate had been issued, Ellesmere supplied, installed and commissioned a new LTHW mains distribution network and is working on the upgrade of more than 20 plant-rooms across the site.


  • Pipework fabrication 250mm – 50mm
  • Welded pipework and fittings
  • Installing pipework across the hospital roofs
  • Thermal insulation – VICUCLAD ® finish
  • Installation of high efficiency plate heat exchangers to serve heating and hot water requirements
  • Installation of metering stations to monitor the energy used in each of the plant-rooms
  • Testing & commissioning


Upon completion, a modern and energy-efficient system,
incorporating CHP technology will deliver heating and hot
water services, whilst significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

"I have been impressed with the workmanship and personable nature of all the staff at Ellesmere. I would happily engage with them on future schemes."

Josh McKeown, Contracts Manager, ENGIE

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