Ellesmere Group upgrades from inefficient 60kW boilers, out with the old in with the new

26th June 2019

We are always looking at ways to improve efficiency, whether it’s for our customers or for ourselves. Recently we replaced our own ageing and inefficient 60kW boilers, and we achieved some impressive savings.

We replaced the first boiler in January, which made an immediate and noticeable difference. We then changed the second one in February, and this again produced substantial results. We saved approximately 50{0a29a62f09d5c2728afe0de6873b75e5a76c9056e07e52a34f9bccd49a40d94c} on our gas bill in the first two months following their installation.  You may be able to achieve similar savings on your gas bill and servicing and maintenance costs by undergoing the same process. Call us today to find out more on 0161 799 7626


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